Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April showers bring May Flowers blog hop

Art imitates life.....or should it be 
Life imitates ART!!!

I found this growing in our yard the other day.
Beautiful.....isn't it??

We didn't plant it....we purchased our home less than 2 yrs. ago. and there are some flower beds  
that we haven't changed yet. This one happens to be in the flower bed of irises. 
I noticed that the leaves were much more broad than the irises...
so I was curious as to what it was going to be.  


So I wanted to see if I could mimic this beauty.

I used quite a few different things and techniques on this one.  I kept putting it down and then I would notice something else I thought would look great if I added it. 
So,  I did!!!!
I used the Love is Kindness stamp and its vertical.  But I think it looks better laying down.  Like I just brought the tulips in from the yard and laid them on the table waiting to be put in a vase. 
I colored it using the Aqua painter and ink pads. 
Fussy cut the bottom part to hang over the label die and then layered it several times.
Then I threw on some pearls.
Then I added some Crystal Effects on top of the tulips.

I hope I didn't forget anything. 

I hope don't get too wet while hopping through the April showers.....
but there is beauty at every turn.

Click below......I'm sure CONNIE is going to wow you!!!

Here's a list of the beauties in case the showers turn torrential.

Crystal<----you are here

Until later,  Sweet blossoms.........Gotta color split.........TFL!!!!!!
 photo daisy2.jpg