Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April showers bring May Flowers blog hop

Art imitates life.....or should it be 
Life imitates ART!!!

I found this growing in our yard the other day.
Beautiful.....isn't it??

We didn't plant it....we purchased our home less than 2 yrs. ago. and there are some flower beds  
that we haven't changed yet. This one happens to be in the flower bed of irises. 
I noticed that the leaves were much more broad than the irises...
so I was curious as to what it was going to be.  


So I wanted to see if I could mimic this beauty.

I used quite a few different things and techniques on this one.  I kept putting it down and then I would notice something else I thought would look great if I added it. 
So,  I did!!!!
I used the Love is Kindness stamp and its vertical.  But I think it looks better laying down.  Like I just brought the tulips in from the yard and laid them on the table waiting to be put in a vase. 
I colored it using the Aqua painter and ink pads. 
Fussy cut the bottom part to hang over the label die and then layered it several times.
Then I threw on some pearls.
Then I added some Crystal Effects on top of the tulips.

I hope I didn't forget anything. 

I hope don't get too wet while hopping through the April showers.....
but there is beauty at every turn.

Click below......I'm sure CONNIE is going to wow you!!!

Here's a list of the beauties in case the showers turn torrential.

Crystal<----you are here

Until later,  Sweet blossoms.........Gotta color split.........TFL!!!!!!
 photo daisy2.jpg


  1. Great card! I love how you used the tulip stamp but made it your own by positioning it on its side and cutting away the bottom so that the flowers seem to be hanging off the counter.

  2. I love this and have yet to turn mine on the side, I do believe I will be doing that soon. It looks just like your real tulip, maybe the zombies left that tulip for you. Look at the flowers says Carol. Big hugs, Di

  3. I've seen the tulips laying on their side, but never with the fussy cutting - such a great way to make them come to life!! Love it...

  4. Beautiful card Crystal! Love the crystal effects! Great coloring too!